Telehealth Application

Provide better service for the patients of your health facility with Carevo telehealth

Continue to serve the community in the midst of a pandemic

Ease to do a consultation between a doctor and a patient, without having long queue process and complicated administration

How does Carevo Telehealth work?

Integrate services in Telehealth as a whole or separately according to your operational needs

Online Reservation

Make a reservation, or change or cancel your consultation appointment

Payment system

Ease of payments with various options, connected to personal or company account

Online consultation

Diagnostic assistance with patient data and patient symptom history. Record consultation sessions, and send drug prescriptions

Integrate with your health facility's EMR (Electronic Medical Record) and HIS (Hospital Information System)

Your patient’s data & medical history will appear during your consultation

Carevo Solusi Rumah Sakit Layanan Telehealth Klinik

Using our service application with your own Logo / Brand

With lossless compression technology for a clearer video call consulting experience

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Carevo offers telehealth platforms (voice and video) and online reservations for healthcare facilities. Hospitals or clinics can use our platform with their brand. Carevo also offers integration into systems already owned by healthcare facilities

Carevo will connect patients with health services for online consultations and doctor bookings. Patients can choose the doctor available for consultation, either offline (face-to-face) or online (video/voice). Patients can submit their symptoms or other supporting documents when confirming the reservation. After that, the patient can proceed with the payment. Patients and doctors will receive a confirmation notification, a reminder of the consultation schedule, and a link if its an online consultation.

Carevo offers a "Pay Per Use" business model, which means there are no upfront costs for you. Just pay the amount of our monthly service based on usage every month. For more information regarding fees, you can contact us via the link "Contact us"

Carevo has implemented data, system and infrastructure security standards applicable. No need to worry because all the data and connectivity is well encrypted. On our platform, we also use blockchain technology, which is used when patients share data with healthcare facilities. Data integrity is highly guaranteed.

Carevo's mission is to help healthcare facilities improve the quality of their patient experience, thus realizing our vision of helping to provide good quality and affordable health services that can be accessed anytime and anywhere by everyone. If you have the same vision and mission as us, you can contact us via the Contact Us link. Our partnership team will contact you shortly

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Improve your clinic's service with Telehealth now

Low fees starting from IDR 5.000,- per transaction

 Contact us at [email protected]  to get further best offer

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Improve your clinic's service with Telehealth now

Low fees starting from IDR 5.000,- per transaction

 Contact us at [email protected]  to get further best offer

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