Community Guidelines/Terms Policy

1.Definitions and Terminology:

1.1  Support Group Community Feature is created by the Carevo Official Team

1.2  “Content” refers to information posted in the support group forum, including text, documents, audio, music, video, program, and code. 

1.3  “Content’ refers to information that is uploaded by any user in the support group forum and can be accessed by any community members. 

1.4  1.3 “Content” does not include the documents that are uploaded by service provider (Diacon Medika Teknologi) that are related to the services agreement, guideline, and policy. 

1.5  “Community member” includes patients, family of patients, and verified doctors that are accepted by the community administrator. 

1.6 “Community Administrator” and “Community Owners” are the appointed admin from the community who will monitor, manage, and control the whole community guidelines and support group functions. is

2. Accounts and Agreement to Community Guidelines 

2.1 Every community member and users of the support group feature must read, agree, and comply with the community guidelines. Users who did not agree with the community guideline cannot join as community members in any support groups. 

2.2 Children under 21 years old may join the support group with parental supervision. 

2.3 HCP (health care practitioner) / doctors who are involved in the forum should be verified by the community owner 

2.4 Users must only use their personal account to join the community If you suspect that someone in a community is “fake”, do not post about it, let the Community Administrators know. 

3. General Community Guidelines: 

3.1 Keep the good content

     Avoid non-consensual, graphic violence, threats or disturbing images or content, illegal commercial exploitation, hateful activities (SARA, attacking others or hate comments).

3.2 Share the reliable information 

      Community members will be responsible for any statements, comments, feedback or stories they shared. Avoid the misleading and false information. 

3.3 Deliver the good intentions 

      When delivering their opinion and experiences in a discussion, members should avoid any criticism, mocking, manipulating or shaming others. 

3.4 Any kind of transaction are strictly prohibited in the forum 

       Users are not allowed to do any selling or buying activities, regardless the purpose of the transaction (treatments, medicine, health services and others).  

3.5 Exchanging personal data is not recommended to be shared in the forum. 

      Users are responsible for their own data, we suggest all users to not share or exchange their personal data, including phone number, emails, address, bank account, personal health records, etc. 

4. Community members are responsible for: 

4.1 Familiarizing yourself with the Carevo Community Guidelines 

4.2 Reviewing the description of any community prior to joining the community 

4.3 Learn and explore more about Community you are registered to before sharing information 

4.4 Not joining or immediately leaving a community if you are not comfortable with any of its contents or discussions. 

5. Community administrators are responsible for: 

5.1 Follow the community guidelines and endorse the practice to all members of the community, including patients, families, and HCPs. 

5.2 Manage any posts, discussion, comments, images and members in the community 

5.3 Respond to member inquiries, such as applications to join the community, health related topics or any specific issues regarding the forum activities 

5.4 Discuss any issues of concern to the Carevo Official Team 

5.5 Any answers, opinions, comments or feedback representing the community. Do not discriminate against entry or members in the community, based on religion, sexual orientation, race, national origin or disability. 

5.6 Contacting the Carevo Official Team, if assistance is needed with any situation in a community. 

5.7 Verifying HCP members to ensure the reliability of opinion and medical recommendations 

6. Sanctions and Punishments 

6.1 Carevo Official Team, Community Owners and Administrators are enforcing the community guidelines 

Any users who violate community guidelines are subject to sanctions and will be banned from posting in the community.  

6.2 Posts that violate community guidelines will be removed permanently and will be recorded as evidence of violation.