New Healthcare Revolution
in Indonesia

New Healthcare Revolution
in Indonesia

Your Health Service Solution

Carevo is blockchain-based Personal Health Record company in Indonesia.

We provide healthcare services based on blockchain technology in order to simplify healthcare accessibility with data centric orientation for all levels of society. 

Our Solution Offering

We believe that collaboration from all stakeholders in the ecosystem is required to create the best health services. Therefore Carevo offers a wide range of solutions to form a complete data-driven healthcare ecosystem

More Precise Diagnosis

Doctor can furnish a more precise diagnosis if  a comprehensive and historical health records of patients are available. 

Patients can provide extensive medical records to support doctors when giving the diagnosis.

Patients can also easily record all their medical history data digitally in one application, so there is no more medical history data or medical record data that is scattered or lost.

Time and cost efficiency

Digitization of health services will help healthcare facilities to serve faster medical treatment process to maximize patients’ experiences.

Avoiding the hassle of administrative processes or trips to the hospital is the new way to experience medical treatment.


Ease of data sharing with high level of security

Patients can share their health records easily and safely with their doctors, health facilities and their family or other parties which appointed to be their caregiver.

Our blockchain platform will allow all essential parties to be connected securely and maintain the privacy of the data being shared.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Carevo is a blockchain-based personal health record application. We help caregivers, patients with chronic diseases, and people who care about their health to be able to keep health records and share them with anyone and anytime when they need a personalized diagnosis.

Yes, our priority is to provide a great patient experience. We believe that clinics and hospitals hold an important role in improving the patient experience. We have telehealth solutions for Clinics and Hospitals that want to reach their patients digitally and provide good service to their patients

Yes, we are open to collaborating with Indonesian health workers to provide high-quality and accessible medical care. Our Personal Health Records (PHR) platform is securely connected and easy to access for health workers with the patient’s permission. Visit our “Partner Doctor” page to learn the details and register yourself as our partner.

The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology in Carevo App will immediately store the Medical Check-Up (MCU) data that the users can directly access. This technology is also useful for storing lab results and other health data. In addition, this technology can also store lab results and other health-related data.

A service to support companies in maintaining the health of their employees, which will have a positive impact on company productivity.

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